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Project Management for Mechanical Manufacturing

Sound management for sound projects

In addition to its manufacturing, assembly and integration services, MEP Technologies is renowned for its project management services. The company has the right tools and experience to oversee any mechanical manufacturing project, and will do so while reducing production costs, minimizing delays and always maintaining high-end quality.

These management services can be tailored to your needs and to each project’s imperatives, requirements and demands. With its outstanding customer service and flexibility, MEP is able to handle the management of assets and spare parts, the integration of production stage, and much more. Thanks to the dedicated work of a knowledgeable and efficient team, MEP is able to ensure less than 1-week turnaround on emergency orders (not in plan), and many other advantages.

Powerful tools for optimal management

In order to improve its project management services, MEP relies on its thorough understanding of advanced tools such as just-in-time (JIT) management systems, KANMAN systems or fully integrated MRP systems. MEP also ensures the tracking of all work orders with a bar coding system.

For efficient and optimal project management, call upon MEP Technologies’ services!